Building History

 Samples of Items Found During Depot Restoration

Even after being retired as a railroad depot for 30 years, there were still a few items discovered representing the building history as a Santa Fe depot in Eagle Lake, Texas. In a wall cavity where electrical conduit ran to the main distribution panel were found about a hundred salvageable agent ticket stubs, 2 salvageable Santa Fe envelopes, and 16 cardboard baggage strap checks. In a lower drawer of the operator's desk were about 30 scale tickets from Lakeside. The white cardboard square with the number 1 was part of a kit used to note the weight on railcars.
G.C.& S.F. Interline Ticket to Austin

1913 Envelope with Baggage and Ticket Stubs

 1912 Ticket Stamped with Cane Belt RR Dater

 White Cardboard Square

 Baggage Tag - Sealy to
Eagle Lake

 Discarded Telegraph "Crow's Foot" Electrodes

1916 Scale Ticket from Lakeside TX
Signed by F.W. Stoldt

 Board from Crate Shipped to Eagle Lake - Used in Baggage Room Ceiling

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