Building History

 Baggage Loft

 Baggage Room: Express Parcel Cabinet and Stove

The baggage room is where passenger baggage, express parcels, and any valuable commodity to be shipped was stored. It was a secure room and always locked when valuable contents were inside. As originally constructed, the only entrances to the room were two freight doors - one to the outside (on the right in the top photo) and the other to the hallway leading to the freight room (shown in the upper right photo). At some later date, a doorway from the waiting room was added (shown at the left edge of the top photo).

The large pigeon-holed cabinet was for storing small (and usually fragile) parcels. It is one of only three pieces of furniture original to the depot. Situated on top of this cabinet is a cast iron counter-top scale, marked Am. Ry. Ex. (American Railway Express), and used to weigh small parcels. The American Railway Express baggage cart - shown at right - would not have been inside the building, but is kept in this room to protect it from the elements. The cart is branded Am. Ry. Ex. and dates to as early as July, 1918. It would have been used to haul baggage and express parcels between the depot and the baggage cars on the train.

ARE Baggage Cart

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