Waiting Room
Building History

 Waiting Room in Christmas Decor

 Waiting Room: View Toward Agent's Office

The waiting room is where passengers purchased tickets, waited for trains, and other patrons needing the services offered at the depot waited at the ticket window for an employee to assist them.

The room was simply furnished, with benches against the walls and a stove in the center for heat when needed. "Air conditioning" consisted of opening the windows and transoms hoping for a cool breeze!

The bulletin board contained the latest announcements from the railroad and express company, along with pertinent changes to the rules and regulations regarding passengers, baggage, parcels, and related items.

Depot tours begin in the waiting room and it is periodically decorated for events. By the way, coal in the scuttle bucket actually came from a pile found outside when the depot platform was being rebuilt.

Decorated for Eagle Lake's 125th Anniversary Celebration

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